Why the GCA Ad Before the Videos?

Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths editor

By now most of you should have noticed the short piece of video I have added to the beginning of many of the new videos used here, mentioning the Gun Club of America. There are 2 versions, one about 15 seconds long and the second about 30 seconds. The written articles also now have a copyright notice at the bottom forbidding reproducing the articles without permission.

Why am I doing this? Because some people are using these videos and articles in other places, particularly Facebook (with one person in particular who just doesn’t seem to care or understand about fair usage) without giving any credit to Guns and Gunsmiths, the Gun Club of America, or the American Gunsmithing Institute. And that pisses me off.

Of course ANYONE is welcome to repost an article or video from this website if they post THE ENTIRE LINK so it comes back to the original source. But to just take someone else’s video and put it on your own website or social media as if it was your own original content is morally wrong, and possibly illegal.

So I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you understand.


5 Responses to Why the GCA Ad Before the Videos?

  1. Gary I with you 100 percent . I think that that is steeling and taking a living away from the person that has invested the time to produce the product

  2. As a writer (and occasional contributor here) I understand completely. It costs money for GCA and AGI to maintain this site, collect, and publish the material posted here. The sponsors have the right to be recognized for this valuable service to gunsmiths and other enthusiasts. For someone to take articles or videos from this site and republish them elsewhere without due credit is theft, plain and simple.

  3. No problem with putting the GCA ad before the videos. That is the original source and people should be aware of where the information comes from.

  4. No worries here either, I totally understand. Looks professional anyhow. Those people should be ashamed of themselves. I am 100% in accord with you Mr. Ed and with Jon, John and John of course also.

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