What Was That Sound? — Your Answers!

with Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

Last week you may recall I posted a short video from my security camera, with a loud and disturbing animal scream that woke me up early one morning. I had never heard a sound like this before so I turned to you for your expert opinions as to what it might be.

If you didn’t watch and listen to it last week, here is a link to the original post so you can hear it for yourself.

As of this time, the video has been watched by 796 readers. Wow! Thanks for watching and thanks to the over 40 people who commented.

Here are the results of your comments…

  • 6 people said it was Big Foot
  • one thought someone was shooting a Tarzan movie (thanks Dan–made me laugh out loud)
  • one each for red fox and gray fox
  • one thought it was a deer being killed by another animal
  • 8 people said it was human in origin for a number of reasons ranging from a woman giving birth to Al Gore bemoaning his loss to Bush
  • 5 voted for coyote
  • one owl
  • 3 for mountain lion (or cougar/puma)
  • 2 thought it might be a domestic dog,
  • one gray wolf
  • 2 bobcats
  • one werewolf
  • 2 for elk
  • one thought bear cub


Eliminating the ones who thought it was human in origin, because the reasons given were too varied and comical, the conclusion is that you must have heard the first known recording of Big Foot!!!!

The jury is still out…

Thanks for playing, though.

21 Responses to What Was That Sound? — Your Answers!

  1. Thanks for the running tally. Maybe next time it’ll make a cameo and the mystery will be solved. In the meantime maybe you can put Scooby and the gang on it!

  2. Vocalization is too deep for a small animal.
    Big Foot does not exist except in the minds of 6 year old boys, or in their drunken father’s minds.
    I vote for someone (drunk or otherwise) just jerking your chain

      • Certainly a funny answer, but I know my neighbors well (and there’s not too many of them). I don’t believe any of those old farts would get up at 4:45 in the morning to play a joke if their life depended on it.

        No proof, but I’m shootin’ for coyote.

  3. Gary, I have no idea what made that sound but I can tell you that when I listened to it it sent chills up my spine. In all my years of hunting and being in the woods, I’ve heard all kinds of animals making many different sounds but to be honest, this one beats the heck out of me! If I were you, I definitely wouldn’t go out at night and wander around!!!!!!!

    • Good advice Don. We have had several mountain lions spotted recently, so I don’t wander far off the ranch at night for sure. The sounds I recorded definitely sound like an animal in distress, so it may have been a mountain lion killing prey. That was also the opinion of a long-time hunter associate (AGI instructor Darrell Holland to be exact.) Although, I also hear a canine sound in these howls, so possibly a coyote. May never know the answer unless I am fast enough to see the source for myself. One of neighbors says she heard the same sounds near her house a couple of days after.

      • I just listened to it again and like you I also noticed the faint sound of a canine but if it is canine I would bet it is a big one!! I live in the foothills of NC and hear and see coyotes a lot around here but have never heard anything like these sounds, really creepy!!!!

  4. Gary,

    Very cool video. I submitted the audio to a Wildlife Biologist and his response was “I’m 99% sure that’s a bobcat!”

    • That’s interesting. We do have them in this area. Sure sounds pissed off though. I have lived here for 15 years and this was the first time I have heard a sound like that. It was very close to my house, and the predator critters normally tend to stay further away.

      I have noticed a lot of long-eared rabbits here recently–maybe they are drawing the bobcats and mountain lions closer to the neighborhood.

  5. We have bobcats here in the coal country few and far between but they are here. And yep it does sound like a cat to me as well. And after all tis the season aint it 🙂

  6. I have heard very similar sounds from mother cows just after their calves’ were separated from them.

  7. It sounds just like the Chupacabra that prowl our deep northern NH forests. When I lived in NJ, we had the Jersey Devil that had a very similar call.

  8. It definitely sounds like a large female cat in heat, either calling for male suites or in the throes of sex with a much larger male.

  9. I loved your April 9th reply ! I think it was a cat of some kind or prey getting killed

  10. Two of my neighbors told me yesterday that a very large bobcat has been spotted in the area. I’m tending towards that as being the source at this point.

    Can we call it case closed?