Two Glock Projects

by GCA Member Thomas Brooks

As a fan of Glocks I wanted to take my G22 and do a little upgrading with factory original parts.

I started with a trigger job that greatly improved the function of the gun. I had previously installed a Cominolli safety (yea, I know, not original) so I kept it in. This may change as I really don’t care much for the safety kit; more than likely I will go back to the factory trigger housing and patch the safety cut.

Next I removed the plastic Glock sights and replaced them with Glock metal night sights. Big enhancement and not very expensive. Since I use this gun as my home defense gun I added the Glock light/ laser. I’m not a big laser fan, but the light is great.

Not a lot to do with just factory parts, but some can be enhanced. A few Glock extras make for a nice upgrade.

I also got the customizing itch for my Glock G27. I thought I would do a little cosmetic work to create something with a little class and do a trigger job for a little action enhancement.

I started with the trigger job and followed Master Gunsmith Gene Shuey’s method. I felt a major improvement with the trigger job. Trust me, you need all the enhancement you can get with this little power house. The recoil of the .40 S&W in that little/ light frame does not make for a good target gun. When time and money permit I will change out the barrel.

Next I moved onto frame enhancements. I undercut the trigger guard and then removed the Glock nub on the front of the guard. I rounded it smooth and it looked great, with one exception. The polymer had a bubble in it. I have a fix in mind and will update once I make sure it works.

After the frame contouring I thought I needed a little something to break up all that black. I thought about different colors but really wanted a shiny metal look. So I undertook one of the most labor intensive and time wasters imaginable… I hand sanded the sides and top of the slide with varying grits of sandpaper on a piece of marble. This would have best been accomplished with a surface grinder, but I don’t have one. I lost track of time after an hour so I really can’t say how long it took. It still needs a little sanding and I will probably clear coat it.

I also replaced the sights with Glock night sights. I still have some modifications to perform but I really like the way it is shaping up.

3 Responses to Two Glock Projects

  1. Good work with the guns Thomas.

    Why are you planning on removing the Cominolli safety?
    I can see it getting in the way (safety getting activated on) of a good high up grip on the frame, is that why? Couldn’t blame you one bit for removing it if it does tend to activate on safe during high grip purchase on the frame.

    Thanks for the article. Cheers

  2. Cerakote on the slide of a Glock really dresses them up. On a couple of them I put front cocking serrations, then Cerakote. Just don’t forget to remove the plastic striker liner before the Cerakote process. If you like tinkering with Glocks, try putting fiber optic sights on them. That is what I put on mine, plus a laser guide rod. It makes a great night varmint gun. It took care of a couple raccoons that were after our chickens.

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