Trigger Job Techniques

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this video extract from GCA’s Guntech Video Magazine, Jack demonstrated some techniques for making sure your trigger jobs are done accurately and safely. CLICK HERE to find out how you can join the Gun Club of America and get videos like this, including a new disassembly/reassembly every month with the Guntech video magazine, plus lots of other great benefits for gunsmiths as well as regular gun owners. Become a Firearms Expert!.

4 Responses to Trigger Job Techniques

  1. I always like seeing Jack’s approach to things. This was an ingeniously simple way to as he said reduce your screw up potential. Nicely done! I need to hunt me up a piece of glass or marble now!

  2. Great job Jack! Nice and simple, thanks . By the way, it was nice to talk with You in Atlanta at NRA. I’ll see You inDallas next year!!

  3. jack boy do I enjoy your videos . Since GOD has chosen me to spend me the rest of my life in a wheelchair life has changed , from being a amature shooter both pistol and rifle those days are over ! now let me qet to my question ! ! Is it possible to lighten the pull on a SCCY 9mm ? ? ? ? ? ?

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