Training Tip for Hunters and Shooters

HollandWith Darrell Holland
AGI Senior Instructor/Master Gunsmith

The fall hunting season is upon us and it’s time to make sure your shooting skills have not gone sour over the summer. AGI’s Darrell Holland offers a great tip for practicing your rifle technique when you can’t get to the range, or even out of the house.

Air rifles are not just your daddy’s BB gun anymore, and can provide that much-needed practice, and even just some plain old fun. They are affordable (well, mostly) and cheap to shoot as well. I (your editor) usually take mine camping with me so I can have a little fun target shooting with making too much noise and annoying the “neighbors”.

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  1. Air rifles are a pile of fun no doubt!

    In Canada any air rifle over 500 PSI is considered a “firearm” and therefor to own anything over 500 PSI you have to have a firearms license AND also you can only shoot the gun where you could shoot .22 rimfires, shotguns, centerfires, etc. In other words it is an “offence” to be shootin’ a 500+ PSI airgun on a non-acre-aged lot (and such) for plinking.

    Thanks for the video. Cheers

  2. In 1967 Fort Lewis Washington I was being recruited as a sniper. We had quick kill training with daisy bb guns with no sights. We were taught to shoot with both eyes open on ground and aerial targets. The ground targets were playing cards set about 15 feet away and told to focus both eyes on the top edge of the card and pull the trigger. Only took a little bit to master this. Then they gave each shooter a 3 inch plastic disc and the man standing beside us tossed it up in the air, we were told to focus both eyes on the bottom of the target and pull the trigger. Then we were given a 1 inch diameter washer and a paper pastie to place over the center hole and it was thrown in the air and repeat until we could reliably place a bb through the hole without hitting the washer itself. This too did not take long.
    This bb gun training was discontinued shortly after that. About 2 1/2 years ago I met the Officer who had been placed in charge of resurrecting the army sniper program which had been discontinued sometime after world war 2. He and I discussed the people and training methods including the bb guns used. Most interesting.

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