Tool Review–Epoxy for Plastics

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

If you have a firearm with a polymer frame or stock, you know how they can be damaged or cut during handling or even accidentally. How do you repair it? Here is one solution from Jack Landis, AGI Technical Services Manager–a super hard epoxy especially designed for plastics. Inexpensive, effective and so simple even I can use it. I like that!

6 Responses to Tool Review–Epoxy for Plastics

  1. Excellent to know! A little dye to mix with that (to match the color of the plastic needing the epoxy) and you’re set. Thanks for the video. Cheers!

    • I believe so. It is available from a number of sources both online and retail. They do have a range of other epoxies as well including a metal weld and a liquid metal filler that might be worth investigating. Google Permatex and you will see their complete product range.

  2. Glad to have your review on this product. In your estimation, would this work to remodel a trigger guard on a polymer pistol? I need to open up a XDs beneath my finger a bit so I’d like to build up the bottom and remove some from the top.

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