Tips From The Workbench

with Master Gunsmith and
AGI Instructor Ken Brooks

Recently on Guns and Gunsmiths we showed a video with John Bush talking about finding great spare gun parts in bulk. He discussed that from the retail perspective–selling off those parts to other gun owners.

In this video, Ken Brooks takes it to the next step. He discusses how a gunsmith can find and salvage old gun parts to use in his craft. You may get some ideas of what to look for next time you visit a gun show. As Ken says “Look for the rust.”

2 Responses to Tips From The Workbench

  1. Yes Ken, I DO have the box of scope parts….and the box of magazine parts….and the box of screws….and the box of pins….and the box of…good Lord I’M A HOARDER!!!!

  2. This is an excellent video, Ken. Not only does it give the less imaginative of us (me) ideas that we might never have had, but it gives us a rational for all those boxes and bottles of bits and bobs we’ve been saving for ever so long. Well Done!