Tips from the Workbench with Ken Brooks–Adhesives

kenBrooksAGI Gunsmithing Instructor Ken Brooks
 PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

In this video, Ken talks about the adhesives that he and Bob Dunlap use regularly in their own workshop. Of course, new and improved products are coming to the marketplace every day, so your mileage may vary. I particularly like the “Gorilla” brand products. So please use the comment section below, and tell us not only what you use in your gunsmithing work, but equally importantly what you do NOT use for any particular reason. We’re all here to learn from one another!

10 Responses to Tips from the Workbench with Ken Brooks–Adhesives

  1. I try to always have 3 glues on-hand: 1) Acraglas gel, 2) Acraglas liquid (red box), and 3)LocTite Ultragel. That is besides several grades of LocTite thread lockers.

    I like to use the Acraglas liquid for filling in screw holes in stocks along with broken off stick matches. The liquid seems to flow in nicely, without any voids. I can then use a center punch and drill the proper pilot hole to make a strong hold on a screw to keep a recoil pad right where it belongs. I use the Acraglas get for bedding operations (it comes with black and brown dies).

    I use the Ultragel for various quick fixes like when an emblem on a grip comes loose, attach some emery cloth to a rod for polishing, etc.

  2. I have a clerke 1st 22 cal revolver,that has a broken pin that holds the hammer in place. The pin came off the frame. Is there anyway to fix this or solder it back on? Is this gun made of potmetal.I really need to repair it for a customer. Thank You!

    • The proper way to fix this would be to drill a blind hole and insert a new pin, Loctite would hold it. But these guns are known as the worst guns ever made and you can likely buy another one for less than the effort to repair one is worth. Or at least buy one that has an intact frame and swap parts.

  3. I used J B Weld to reattach the barrel lug to a N R Davis and Sons 12 gauge double barrel I acquired when my father-in-law passed away. I just removed all the old solder, degreased it and applied the J B Weld. Placed it in a padded vice overnight to set. It has not separated after repeated use. This was my first gunsmith project.

  4. Very much enjoyed my first time through your AGI DVD on Glocks. Definitely will be watching that one again. Thanks!

    • I agree the Gorilla products have brought a whole new world to stick in’ stuff together. The glue is great but buy small quantities because it has a short shelf life. Even if it is thickened up a bit it still works well but a little more water helps. Unfortunately it does not hold up in hot sunlight – that’s all we have in Texas. The tape is great, I repaired a plastic garbage can lid with Gorilla tape about a year ago and it’s still holding and its always out in the weather. Go Gorilla!

      • Joe: Are you saying the adhesive does not hold up hot sunlight; or the shelf life is greatly diminished?

        • Does not hold up in hot sunlight.
          The product has a shelf life of about 6 months wherever you store it but I haven’t tried a refrigerator