Tip From The Workbench — Shaping your hammer face

Dunlapwith AGI Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap .

In this video Bob Dunlap shows us how he modifies and uses his ball pein hammers to make them specific to gunsmithing. Some of his tools are quite old, so you just know they all have special meaning to him!

10 Responses to Tip From The Workbench — Shaping your hammer face

  1. This may have nothing to do with what you sent but suddenly the videos are not showing up on my screen, just a blank white space. Is anyone else having this issue or is it something on my Mac computer? Sorry for the non gun related question. Thought it might have to do with being blocked by some anti gun entity.

    • They are showing just fine on my Mac. Try a different browser (Chrome if you are using Safari or vice versa) and see if the problem persists. Also try turning off the Flash plugin in Safari Preferences (under the Websites tab–not used by Youtube) and see if that helps.

      • Worked on settings in Safari and got it to working. Thanks for the assistance. Tried Ken and John’s suggestions first as they appeared to be the easiest.
        Got it fixed. Sometimes guns are simpler than these “wonderful” computers.
        Thanks again.

        • Good to hear Danny. Never hesitate to ask for help. I may have all the answers, but they will probably be wrong.

  2. Some videos will appear blank, with sound in the background. I have found that often it can be fixed by switching back to a smaller view as opposed to full screen.

  3. Great tip (as usual) I’m going to dress my hammers right now. I also found it very difficult to find a light,quality hammer. Anybody have any suggestions where I might look? Pretty much all the hammers on eBay are not what I’m looking for. Have a great day and stay safe.