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kenBrooksAGI Gunsmithing Instructor and Master Gunsmith
Ken Brooks operates
 PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

Ken Brooks gives us a complete demonstration of how to make a red ramp sight conversion. He takes you through every step in great detail. When he finishes, you will know exactly how to do it yourself without making any of the common mistakes. This is a great and easy many-maker for your gunsmithing business, or just to improve the functionality of your own guns.

This is a complete 24 minute video course that you may want to view several times!

4 Responses to Tips from the Workbench

  1. I was taught to NEVER use a file in a sawing motion because it would dull the file. Why do you use yours in this fashion? Are they such inexpensive files that you’re not concerned with dulling them and you can always get another, or was I taught wrong?

  2. Ha! This answers a long standing question of mine… why are red inserts so often “non – standard” in dovetail width.
    I have never needed to do one, but now I understand.

    To Danny: I have been taught both ways, but what I have gleaned is that it a matter of balancing speed of work, against tool cost.
    Add to that issues of how hard the material you are filing is, and the calculation becomes one of experience.
    In soft stuff, the back stroke tends to clean the file, in hard stuff the file teeth can be minutely chipped off on the back stroke.
    That sight looked pretty soft to me… likely mild steel. Ken?

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