Tip From the Workbench–Needle Files

Ken Brooks, PISCO Gunsmithing

by Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Owner of Pisco Gunsmithing

In this Tip From The Workbench, AGI Instructor Ken Brooks talks about the needle files that he uses in his own gunsmithing business. Do you always need to buy the most expensive ones? Not necessarily as Ken explains.

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  1. Great advice. I always assumed you needed expensive files all the time,but you proved me wrong on that one.Some of the diamond files I see look pretty crappy,so don’t assume because it’s a diamond file it must be good,because it isn’t.Right? Thanks again Ken and keep up with the great advice….Rick

  2. I have been using Swiss made Grobert needle files for years since my Dad was a watchmaker for Bulova Watch Company from after WW2 to the mid 70’s when he retired due to heart disease. I still have about a hundred of them in different sizes and configurations that I use whenever I need to get into small spaces. They were so well made and they never seem to dull. The last time I looked, an assortment of four files cost over $24, so I consider myself lucky that I never needed to buy any new ones.

  3. Nice tip, Ken, as always. By the way, I find the cheap Harbor Freight files to be more than adequate for almost everything I do – not just gunsmithing. I find it helpful, though, to keep a can of PlastiGrip on hand to dip the ends of non-handled files. It adheres well, and provides a bit of cushion for my fingers.

  4. Just got to see this video, learned something else. I have a couple of these inexpensive needle files and I outfitted them with handles from old toothbrush’s. We always have access to them.

  5. Thanks Ken! I’m a new AGI Student, and was wondering what kind of files you guys used. Keep those tips and tricks coming our way. I think you guys are great!!

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