Tip From The Workbench–Extractors

kenBrookswith Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

When the Gun Club of America staff were range testing the Chiappa M 27, they encountered some feeding problems. So they sent the firearm to AGI Instructor Ken Brooks to analyze the gun and try to determine what went wrong and how to remedy it. What Ken found easily developed into a very teachable moment about extractors and extractor fit.

Watch this video carefully and you will probably learn something new about this intriguing part of many semi-auto pistols. Gun Club of America members get this sort of instruction and help every month as part of membership. If you would like to find out more and get a FREE one-month trial membership, CLICK HERE.

4 Responses to Tip From The Workbench–Extractors

  1. Good video. It would have been nice if you had shown the extractor prior to filing on it. Good job.

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