Tip From the Workbench–1911 Barrel Feed Ramps

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Master Pistolsmith

In this video Master Pistolsmith Gene Shuey demonstrates the correct and safe method for polishing and reshaping the feed ramp on a 1911 barrel. If you are experiencing the dreaded “3 point bind” in your own guns, this is something you need to know to correctly address the problem.

8 Responses to Tip From the Workbench–1911 Barrel Feed Ramps

  1. Awesome stuff! I have a bunch of polishing supplies like Gene has and have used them lots but I definitely learned some polishing techniques here that I need to remember for future projects.

    Would have liked to seen Gene with safety glasses on in the beginning when using the 1/8″ cutter on the ramp.

    Thanks for the very informative video.
    Happy upcoming 4th of July America.

  2. Gene is the very best! A superior teacher and a master of his craft. However…..

    In the video showing how to radius a 1911 feed ramp, Gene is using a powered Fordham tool to grind the surface – and he is not wearing safety glasses! This needs to be correcte3d, please, for many obvious reasons.

    You guys are setting examples for a wide range of people from beginners to experinced gun owners ranging from smiths to tinkerers. You simply have to get all the safety stuff right.

    Please correct this going forward, and please keep Gene making these very helpful videos, while wearing safety glasses.

    Thanks, Ray

  3. Awesome and detailed. Good work!
    However, I often find the front binding point to be an issue, too. So I polish the chamber, esp. at the top. Have fixed several that looked like the ramp was done previously (by someone else).
    A quick close look at the breech face/extractor might reveal a burr or bind that could use some attention, too.

  4. Spot on Jim Irwin. I too have found many burrs on the face and polishing the top of the chamber, as well as the ramp, is something I do on almost all feeding issues.

    Great tip Gene!

  5. Excellent detail and information. I love how Gene explains how to do the procedure from a dexterity point of view. I’ve never had this issue on any of my personal 1911’s, but I may have to give them all an inspection now! Excellent info from a guy who really knows his stuff.

  6. I hope that all of you guys are freaking joking about all the safety glasses garbage you know that you can wear glasses if you want when working on any of your prodjecks do you really have nothing better to do with your time then find things wrong in this man’s video wtf I really wish men were still men.what happened to the good ol days.

  7. Great videos, love them all, want to see more and more in the future. Leave this guy alone with the princess safety first comments!! He’s not breaking any laws and the point of the video isn’t to educate you safety patrol team leaders on proper job site safety!! All these comments will do is make Gene think screw this I’m not making these videos if this is the feedback I get. Wear glasses or face shields if you want and yes as you should but I don’t think you’re teaching this dog new tricks with the ra ra safety first stuff.

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