The Mother of All Rifles–Built by an AGI Student!

AGI Graduate Nathan Allan

Gene Kelly, President of the American Gunsmithing Institute, received an email from a graduate of the American Gunsmithing Institute recently. It is not only an endorsement of the skills taught in their professional gunsmithing courses, but also an amazing demonstration of what is possible to achieve with the right training. Here is that email from Nathan Allan:

“I wanted to thank all the staff at AGI for everything you have done to ensure that your training is some of the finest available. I am a retired and 70% disabled veteran, I spent 22 years in the US Army working in various areas of weapons maintenance.  While I had a vast amount of experience with current military arms I had zero knowledge of civilian firearms.  I enrolled through the Vocational Rehabilitation program (VA Ch31) in the Enhanced Master Gunsmith program.  In February of 2016 I opened my own shop, Blackstone Valley Precision.

“Since that time lessons learned from your instructional videos have been invaluable. I keep the videos close at hand to help refresh my memory on each individual gun I’m working on.  In addition to the repair videos, the Business Success Toolkit and additional bonus educational videos on rifle tuning and accuracy enhancement have made a world of difference. They provided the knowledge necessary for me to build a financially viable business in less than one year. But, it doesn’t end there.

“Most notable for me was when a customer approached me about building him a custom rifle, unlike previous custom rifle builds this one had only one purpose, to establish the Guinness world record for long distance shooting.  He wanted a rifle capable of hitting a one MOA target, three times consecutively at 4300 meters!  He was asking me to build a gun that would accurately shoot 2.7 miles!

“Working from scratch, and using all the knowledge provided in the lessons from the Enhanced Master Gunsmith course I was able to build that rifle.  But the icing on the cake, is that on June 5th, 2017 Adam Kodra used the rifle I built to establish a recognized world record. On his first practice session, firing from a cold bore, his first round hit the target, he followed up with 2 more consecutive hits sealing his place in the record books.

“I don’t think I can thank you enough for providing me the tools necessary to make that happen, not to mention aiding me in setting up a business that is providing for my family.

AGI Graduate Nathan Allan with the record-breaking firearm he built for a customer. Either that rifle is really big, or Nathan is really small!


Thought I would give you the numbers to back up the pictures . . .It weighs 36 lbs, measures 62 – 1/2″ long. The scope is a 35mm tube 7-35X50 Nightforce scope.   I used a Lilja 1:11 twist barrel that I chambered for 416 Barrett (a necked down 50 BMG cartridge). The bullet is a custom made 440 grain solid brass bullet that leaves the muzzle at 3350 FPS and reaches the target at 350 FPS.”

If this inspires you to become a full time or even part time gunsmith and build your own awesome weapons, get more information about the professional gunsmithing study-at-home courses from the American Gunsmithing Institute by clicking here.

6 Responses to The Mother of All Rifles–Built by an AGI Student!

  1. Very cool!
    What’s the barrel length?
    How many MOA is built into the scope mount?
    Does the scope have MIL radians or MOA etched in the glass?
    Is there an internal magazine?
    What yardage does a person zero to for such distance shooting?
    Congrats Nathan! Awesome work. Be proud!!

  2. Sorry for such a tardy reply. I had no idea this had been posted until yesterday.

    Barrel is a Lilja 38″ 1:11 twist in standard Navy taper.

    The rail is 30 MOA with a MOAB base that dials in an additional 300 MOA. What is not shown is the 2.5″ riser that the MOAB and rail mounts on. Total drop at 4752 yards is 430 MOA.

    It’s a Nightforce 7- 35 in MOA,

    The action is a McMillan Rocky shell holder action. No ejection port, no internal magazine.

    100 yard zero. At 100 yards it shoots a .33″ group. For actual load test all targets are shot at 1000 yards. At that range a group measures 3.3″

    • Great to hear from you Nathan.

      WOW! What an awesome piece of a shooter! Excellent grouping at 1000! Very interesting info.

      Thank you for answering everything regarding my questions.
      Good gunsmithing.

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