Steel Plate Hangers for your Range

with Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

We all like to shoot, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But where you shoot is different for most of us. If you are a gunsmith, you may be lucky enough to live close to a range where you can test fire guns, or even better, have a small range on your own property. If you are a hunter you will sometimes want to check your sights before you hit the hills. If you carry a firearm for self defense you should train to be able to draw and shoot quickly and accurately, or maybe you just like to target shoot for the sheer fun of it.

A lot of you probably live close enough to a range or club that you don’t have a problem finding somewhere to shoot, but many of you may also be fortunate enough to be able to shoot on your own property. If you are, you will want targets better than old tin cans and the like. Steel plates are great because they give you instant feedback if you are on target with a loud “clang”.

But setting them up can be difficult and expensive if you buy commercial plate hangers. In this video, Jack Landis looks at a much more affordable alternative–steel “T” fencing posts. Watch this video and then get out there and set up your own range with some great targets that even your friends can enjoy without having to donate a bunch of “stuff” to shoot at.

5 Responses to Steel Plate Hangers for your Range

  1. I’ve had the post driver & puller for awhile, but it wasn’t for targets.- Check Tractor Supply (TSC)- better prices, support local!
    Deluxe driver was about $25. The t- post 5′ & 6′ for about $3.60 puller is about $40

  2. I have tried making several types of mobile hangers. None have come out real impressive.
    I like this idea.
    Battle Creek Mi

  3. +1 for TSC. Sportsmans Guide also has AR-500 plates for less; though they may only be 3/8″ That’s sufficient for handguns. Finally, if you need more ‘lean’ with whatever you use, you can put the post in at an angle also. My .02. mw