Sight Removal Tool Review

with AGI Technical Services Manager
Jack Landis

In this extract from the Gun Club of America’s Guntech video magazine, Jack Landis looks at a handy punch for drifting out dovetailed sights. He then describes how he made a similar tool from hardware store parts for small front sights.

3 Responses to Sight Removal Tool Review

  1. Have you seen that sight tool that’s called the” Wyoming Sght Drifter” The manufacture is Steve Anderson of Cheyenne Wyoming. 307-421-2127. I used this tool yesterday and it works fantastic. You can remove or adjust any dovetail sight. It comes with either a brass or aluminum tip. It costs $32.00 plus shipping. It really is a great tool. I don’t get anything for hipeing this tool, I just think it’s a great tool. Thanks Rick

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