Sight Removal Tool Review

with AGI Technical Services Manager
Jack Landis

In this extract from the Gun Club of America’s Guntech video magazine, Jack Landis looks at a handy punch for drifting out dovetailed sights. He then describes how he made a similar tool from hardware store parts for small front sights.

3 Responses to Sight Removal Tool Review

  1. Nice video. I make lots of tools and will likely make the triangular punch one just for grins.

  2. Have you seen that sight tool that’s called the” Wyoming Sght Drifter” The manufacture is Steve Anderson of Cheyenne Wyoming. 307-421-2127. I used this tool yesterday and it works fantastic. You can remove or adjust any dovetail sight. It comes with either a brass or aluminum tip. It costs $32.00 plus shipping. It really is a great tool. I don’t get anything for hipeing this tool, I just think it’s a great tool. Thanks Rick