Savage Adjustable Headspace System Explained

Hollandwith Darrell Holland
AGI Instructor and Master Riflesmith

In this instructive video from the Gun Club of America, Master Riflesmith Darrell Holland demonstrates the adjustable headspace system used on some Savage bolt-action rifles. He shows how it is used to precisely obtain the correct headspace and how it can be used to accurately set headspace when hand loaded cartridges are used as well as for stock ammo.

3 Responses to Savage Adjustable Headspace System Explained

  1. Excellent instructional video, really enjoyed watching it, I do not enjoy the captioning, I find the wording to be completely different than what the instructor is saying, quite often.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it George. Unless you need the captioning you can turn it off. I believe it is done automatically by YouTube using some type of voice recognition software so it does often have errors.

  2. I have been experiencing tremendous problems with headspace in black guns recently. Have used two well known brands of headspace gauges from Brownells and have the same problem, bolt closes on the NO-GO gauge. Sent one set back to Brownells and the replacement to Pacific tool and gauge for inspection. The gauges were out of spec from the manufacturer so I purchased a set from Pacific Tool and Gauge. I hope this ends my problem.
    I love the idea that Savage has and wish it was an industry standard, life would be so much better when setting/checking head space on those long guns.

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