SAR Arms B6P Pistol Bench Evaluation

Ken Brooks, PISCO Gunsmithing

by Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Owner of Pisco Gunsmithing

This time at the gunsmith’s bench, AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks looks at the SAR Arms B6P Pistol. He examines the construction, features and details of this pistol with the discerning eye of a professional gunsmith. If you are interested in this firearms, this video is a “must-see” before your purchase!

3 Responses to SAR Arms B6P Pistol Bench Evaluation

  1. Hi Ken; The one thing you didn’t mention was the price. These guns are a steal for what they go for. I realize that it’s not a CZ,but you get a lot of gun for the money. Great video,and thanks for your expert evaluation….Rick

  2. First I need the phone number, second I’m trying to purchase the Ruger 10-22 Trigger lesson with the Birthday discount. No matter what I tried, I could not get my request through ? I have several and been with this outfit for years, but my information seems to have been “?”
    I hope this gets some attention so I can get my order completed.


    • The phone number for AGI is 1-800-797-0867. I am not an AGI employee so I cannot help you with your order, you will need to call them.

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