Ruger Precision Rifle–Range Evaluation

with Darrell Holland
AGI Instructor and Long Range Shooting Specialist

Following up from Darrell’s Bench Evaluation of this affordable tack-driver, this time he heads to the range to see how the gun performs with a variety of ammunition. Does the rifle live up to expectations? Watch and see!

6 Responses to Ruger Precision Rifle–Range Evaluation

  1. I have to admit I’m super impressed! I had a Ruger Varmint Target in 6.5 creed that shot incredible well. My 140 Amax groups looked like Darrel’s ELD groups. My 142 grain handload looked equally as good maybe a touch tighter so long as I did my part. I sold it and am breaking in another creedmoor. Oddly enough my same old 142 matchking load seems to shoot just as well in the new rifle. I don’t know what Darrel was loading in his, but I have found somewhere around 41 grains of RL-17 performs really well behind the 142SMK. (I must add a disclaimer here, NEVER use some shmuck on the internet’s load in your rifle use reloading best practices and work up. All rifles are different.)

    I have recently come into some 143 and 147 grain ELD’s. I hope to load some and give them a whirl. Maybe try them in my upcoming 6.5-06 as well.

  2. This rifle makes me look good, I’m not a very good shot due to a pair of old eyes. My range only goes out 200yds, may have to travel a bit to shoot at a longer range. Love the rifle!!

  3. If I would have seen this rifle over 4 years ago and if it was available in .308 (because .308 is more affordable and somewhat more common) it may have been my first choice over what I bought then instead.

    Love how there’s no muzzle climb and love how the rifle recoils straight back! Would love to shoot one. Darrell says to get one, so it must be good! In either case I’m very grateful with what I got in the past.

    Are you going to buy one Mr. Ed??

    Thanks for the video.

    • Still thinking about what I would more use for Dana–a Scout rifle for taking on camping trips or a nice target rifle. I will have to mull it over some more.

  4. I just got my RPR in .308 a couple Mondays ago. Thanks to my loving wife! I worked up some loads for it and headed to the range 4 days later. My loads had from 41.7 gr. 4064 to 42.5 gr. in 2/10 gr. increments. Topped by a Sierra 165 gr, Game King SBT. After getting it on target @ 100 yds, I was able to shoot sub MOA and was shooting 10 round groups. Not the norm of course but I wanted to get some rounds down the barrel. I had one group that was so tight that I thought I was pulling shots off target, so I moved my POA over and the next shot went right where I moved it to. When I went down range to check the target I was ecstatic. Four shots were all together in a .310 inch hole. Trigger is 2 lbs. out of the box. I couldn’t be happier. Now I need some place I can stretch this baby out!