Ruger Precision Rifle–Bench Evaluation

with Darrell Holland
AGI Instructor and Long Range Shooting Specialist

The Ruger Precision Rifle has been available for some time now, but this video evaluation of the platform from last year is still very informative if you are considering getting one of these rifles. AGI’s Darrell Holland is a true expert on the subject of precision long range shooting, so you can trust his evaluation of this firearm to be right on the money.

If you own one of these guns, please add your thoughts about it in the comments below. Next week we will also show his field test to see just how accurate this gun is at the range.

10 Responses to Ruger Precision Rifle–Bench Evaluation

  1. I bought a Ruger Precison Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor about eighteen months ago. I have been using Hornady SST bullets over Superperformance powder. My groups have been around 1.5 inches at 300 yards. I really like this rifle, and have no regrets on either the rifle or caliber. I was so impressed with the 6.5 Creedmoor, that I bought a Kimber rifle in that caliber.

    • Thanks for your comment Tommy. Now I have a choice to make. There are two rifles I am considering for my next purchase–the Ruger Precision Rifle, and the Steyr Scout. Decisions, decisions. Any recommendations?

      • The Ruger has my vote. It’s the only one of the 2 that comes in 6.5 creedmoor! My first 6.5 creedmoor was a Ruger Varmint/Target. It shot amazingly well. I would still love for Winchester to come out with one on their new Model 70 preferably in the Coyote Light if they’re listening! I have pestered them about it over the years.

      • Considering the price of a Steyr Scout, I’d go with either the PRS or Ruger’s own scout rifle, the Ruger Gunsite Scout. The new synthetic stoked version of the Ruger Scout rifle is light enough to actually meet Copper’s requirements at only 6.2lbs. I’d put a Leupold 1.5-5x33mm IER Scout Scope in a good set of QD rings on it, grab a Galco Safari Ching Sling for it, and then spend all the $$$ I saved on practice ammo!

    • Great review of a great rifle! Just a couple of points though, the folding stock is primarily intended to make it easier to transport. It would have been preferable to have one that folds to the right and captures the bolt handle, which would have also made the rifle narrower when the stock folded, but it’s not that big of a deal. Also, the PRS actually takes standard SR25/AR10 magazines. They’re available in capacities of up to 30 rounds, although once you get over 20rds they get a bit long for some shooting positions, or, if you’ve really got some money to burn ($250-$450!), you can get 50rd or 100rd drums as well. It will also accept some M1A/M14 magazines, although I haven’t tried any in mine (no M1A, dammit). For what you get, the Ruger PRS is IMHO one of the best precision rifles on the market today.

  2. I agree that the Ruger Precision is an outstanding value. I waited for a year before a 6.5CM came available but it was worth the wait. My next purchase will be a better scope than what I’m currently using (Nikon 3-9 just gathering dust in the shop). I’m finding that this rifle can become a money-pit with the accessories and improvements available, but it’s more customizable than other long distance rifles and more affordable.

  3. Just sighted in my new Ruger Precision Rifle/6.5 CM. Ran through one box of Hornady Precision Hunter and found groups to hold at 1.5 inches at 100 yards. Trigger is just right. Using a 4-16x Nikon Monarch scope. I’m going to really enjoy this one. Thanks Ruger!

    • Happy to see all the 6.5 creedmoor shooters out there! I’ve been totin’ and shootin’ one since they came out. The nay sayers said it would have died out by now. I was really hoping it would catch on. Seems like every time I turn around someone’s adding it to their rifle or ammo line up. There are now a few M1A offerings in 6.5 CM. I know Fulton Armory has one.