Readers’ Gallery

Here readers can submit their photos for all of us to see. Currently there are two albums.

The first is a wonderful collection of service photos of readers or their family members in uniform We are proud of all of them.

The second album contains photos of some of the special and unique firearms that you have built, either for yourselves or a customer. Great work!

Click on each photo to enlarge it and then click the “i” button under the photo to show (or hide) more information.

To add your photos to either of these galleries, email them along with a short story, to

4 Responses to Readers’ Gallery

    • Firearms cleaning is a part of the gunsmithing trade. If you charge a fee for doing it, and if you keep the gun overnight, then yes you would need an FFL. This is my opinion, not legal advice. Check with your local BATF office for a definitive answer.

  1. First thank all for your service to our country. Second, is just me or does Kerry’s son Keith look like someone we know that gives Bob a hard time and has a last name of Brooks? Very cool forum!

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