Project–Marlin Peep Sight Installation

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this video, AGI Technical Services Manager and Instructor Jack Landis demonstrates how to add a tang-mounted peep sight to a Marlin rifle. This is a common project for many gunsmiths and using Jack’s tips, can be done easily and quickly. Another money-maker for your business.

4 Responses to Project–Marlin Peep Sight Installation

  1. Your video on the Lyman No2 says there is windage adjustment. ‘Tain’t so according to the Lyman instruction sheet. More’s the pity, too!

    Thanks for the good work and being human.

  2. The Marbles tang peep sight is adjustable for windage. Havoe one on a Marlin and two Winchesters, a 92 and an 86. Work great.

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