Product Review and Project–AR-15 Lapping Tool

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Like you, Jack Landis hates guns that are bent in the middle, and that is what will happen if the joint between the front of your AR-15 receiver and the barrel locking collar are not perfectly aligned.

In this product review Jack demonstrates how to correctly use this lapping tool (available from Brownells) to get the job done right. Making sure that these two mating faces are perpendicular to the axis of the gun will have you shooting accurately and reliably. Unless you want to shoot around corners, that is!

3 Responses to Product Review and Project–AR-15 Lapping Tool

  1. Excellent tutorial on lapping the AR receiver face. Have not had any issues like this in the past, been using quality receivers but anything can happen. Thanks for the quick lesson Jack.

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