Product Review and Project–.22 conversion for your Mini-14

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

Conversion kits to convert your firearm from a larger caliber to shoot inexpensive .22 LR ammo are very popular. Some work great, others need some help. In this product review and project AGI Technical Services Manager Jack Landis looks at a .22 conversion for the Mini-14 rifle and how to install it. That makes this popular rifle much less expensive to shoot–great for plinking or small game.

Jack also shows how he fixed a couple of problems with feeding. Without this knowledge a user could get very frustrated with this product. All the more reason to keep watching Guns and Gunsmiths and becoming a smarter gun owner.

3 Responses to Product Review and Project–.22 conversion for your Mini-14

  1. Hello,
    Your “Guns & Gunsmiths” videos are very helpful and appreciated.
    In this .22 conversion on the Mini 14. Who is the company of the who makes the kit? I have checked with the Brownell’s catalog, and I had no luck.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Keep up the good work.
    John G

  2. Check the add pages of Guns & Ammo, for years they advertised the Johnathan Arthur Ciener Mini 14 conversion kits for shooting .22 LR. I believe they still do. They also make conversion kits for other firearms too.

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