Product Review–Adjustable Stock from Boyds!

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
GCA Technical Services Manager

In this review from GCA’s GunTech video magazine, AGI’s Jack Landis takes a look at a new stock from one of his favorite suppliers–Boyds. This looks like a great way to get that fully customized rifle stock you need for accuracy shooting.

2 Responses to Product Review–Adjustable Stock from Boyds!

  1. well I don’t like paying 135 plus dollar’s for a parry hunter custom stock that suppose to be for a savage 11 short mag action! the fit was crappy the bolt holes were way off! and the lug was way off too! after 10 weeks of waiting it was that screwed up! with in 3 days and a dowel and Delmore i fixed it with expo glue and cap screw and washer! it worked! what a failed mess!! ps it kicked worse then plastic stock too!