Product Review–10/22 Stock from Adaptive tactical

with AGI’s Jack Landis

You can’t deny that there are so many options available for building your own custom Ruger® 10/22® rifle, that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start.

AGI Technical Services manager Jack Landis is a fan of these rifles and has built many himself. In this video he takes a good look at one from Adaptive Tactical that he used to build a custom firearm as one of AGI’s sweepstakes prizes some time ago.

You can CLICK HERE to visit the Adaptive Tactical website to see and purchase their products.

2 Responses to Product Review–10/22 Stock from Adaptive tactical

  1. Slick little widget from Mr. 10/22 himself. Thanks, Jack, I really like the magazine slots in the buttstock!

  2. Well said Sir! I like it! I”ve grown to liking working on guns more than I like shooting them. It seems that ways these days, for me anyhow. And thanks to AGI. To good Gunsmithing, Cheers!