M1 Garand Rifle “438987”

Smeltzerby Paul Smeltzer,
Athens Gunsmith Service, Athens LA.

I was at a gun show recently when I noticed an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair gazing at several Garands and M1 Carbines that I had on my table.  He was wearing a WWII veterans cap with a good bit of “fruit salad” on it, and a wind-breaker with additional battle ribbons.  As I watched him he reached out and put a feeble hand on the barrel of a Garand and seemed to stroke or pet it.  I walked over to him and said, “you look like you are familiar with those”.  Without looking up he said, “438987”.  Not sure I heard what he said, I said, “excuse me”, he repeated “438987”, his gaze still fixed on the rifle, still stroking the front sight; I told him that I understood. Continue reading

Workshop Tip–Military Weapons Tools

with AGI Military Arms Instructor John Bush

What do amateur and professional gunsmiths like almost as much as guns? Why, gunsmithing tools of course. Remember the old saying–“He who dies with the most tools wins!”

In this video, military arms specialist John Bush looks at just some of the specialty tools you may be able to find for working on older weapons. Even if you can’t find these tools yourself, you may get some ideas on how to make your own tools for when you need to work on someone’s (or your own) firearms. Continue reading

Ask the Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

DunlapBob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this video a Gun Club of America member asks Bob about headspacing a Chinese remake of the Ithaca 37 in order to cure extraction/ejection problems. When Ken Brooks did the Disassembly/Reassembly Course on the Ithaca 37 he spoke of how the Chinese remake had some problems because the Chinese had only incorporated some of the changes since the early design. Continue reading

Flooded guns? Watch This Now!

In this Video, The American Gunsmithing Institute’s, (AGI) president Gene Kelly, provides immediate Flood Recovery Triage Advice for Firearms owners to prevent further damage to their guns. Please feel free to share this information with your friends in the affected areas, and with others, so that they are aware of what to do if they are ever in a situation like this. Continue reading

Marlin Firearms

DunnBy Robert Dunn 
AGI and GunTech Video Producer, 
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

John Mahlon Marlin was born in Connecticut in 1836. His career started as an apprentice tool and die maker and he worked as a machinist with American Machine Works. During the Civil War, John worked at the Colt manufacturing plant and in 1863 he started manufacturing single shot pistols in New Haven, Connecticut. He founded his own company, Marlin Firearms Company in 1870. Marlin was making derringers and revolvers and then expanded into producing other firearm designs from there. The post war turbulence made small concealable handguns a desirable choice for self-protection and in turn, Marlin sold a lot of those types of firearms. Marlin took over production of the Ballard single shot rifle in 1875, which was popular with hunters and sportsman. Production of the Ballard rifle was discontinued in 1891. Continue reading

Ask the Gunsmith with Bob Dunlap

Dunlap by Bob Dunlap
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

This time Bob answers two more questions from Gun Club of America members. The first one involves a Remington 870 with an action that is feeling a “Hang up” syndrome with its extended mag tube. The second question is regarding a Remington 1100 with a feeding problem. In both cases Bob pinpoints the possible causes quickly and makes his recommendations and as usual we gain a bit more insight into how his mind works as he makes his analysis. Continue reading