Another Gunsmithing Student Handbook by Fred Zeglin

Not long ago I reviewed the first two of a series of Gunsmithing Student Handbooks by G&G Contributor Fred Zeglin. These handbooks are full of the most essential information on the subject, that any gunsmith can benefit from.

Now Fred has added a third book to the series “Chambering Rifles for Accuracy”. Here is his Press Release with more information. Continue reading

Small Arms of the Civil War

By Robert Dunn
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

The American Civil War was a dark time for our nation. Since history tends to repeat itself, it is good to know about our history so we can avoid making the same mistakes. There is a lot to be learned from that time period. Many advances in technology and manufacturing occurred through necessity.

Though many of the small arms used during the Civil War are now considered archaic, it would be a mistake to take their firepower lightly. Keep in mind that these weapons and the folks that used them took hundreds of thousands of lives on the battlefield and crippled several times that many more. Over 620,000 lives were lost between the years of 1861-1865 (about 2% of the population). Continue reading

The Business of Gunsmithing

By Paul Smeltzer
Owner/Operator Athens Gunsmithing

So you want to start a ‘successful’ gunsmithing business?

I suspect the bulk of folks who “get into” gunsmithing do so as a hobby Gunsmith rather than as a Gunsmith business. AGI produces an excellent professional gunsmithing course that can provide you with the technical “how to” education to repair firearms. I am one of those graduates. I have been running a successful Gunsmith business for nine and a half years. Continue reading