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“Back To School” Sale from AGI!

The American Gunsmithing Institute has slashed the prices on their most popular gunsmithing and gun repair courses with their annual “Back To School” sale. Make sure to check it out and see if the courses you need are available at great saving, so you can continue with your firearms education and training.

For example, you get get Fred Zeglin’s renowned Reloading from A to Z course for only $249. That’s $248 off the regular price! And get the Certified 1911 Pistolsmithing Course for only $397, an incredible bargain at $900 off the regular price!

CLICK HERE to visit their website today and start your school year off with all the right “textbooks”.

You can also call them at 1-800-797-0867 Mon – Fri 7:30am to 4:00pm PST and they will gladly assist you. Make sure to mention the offer code BTS17 to get your special savings.

The Dunn Armory… Savage Model 755A

By Robert Dunn
AGI/GCA Video Producer,
AGI Pro Course Graduate, GCA Charter Member

I guess at this point in my life, I could be considered a collector of firearms. Within my collection, I have a collection of long recoil operated shotguns. This would include Browning Auto 5s, Remington Model 11s and my most recent acquisition, a Savage Model 755A. All of the previously mentioned shotguns are based on John Browning’s designs. Like Remington, Savage Arms also licensed the design from Browning. The Model 755, at first glance, does not look like the other “humpback” shotguns I love so much, but the way the gun functions is very similar to the rest of the pack. Continue reading

An Unexpected Jewel—Marlin MR-L

by GCA Member Robert Garr

An unexpected jewel. It’s one of those rifles that most of us would not consider as our first choice. It kinda gets passed over for the more standard, or advertised guns on the rack. But my buddy has a history of choosing guns just like that. You know the type. He always has the cash to buy a gun, but just shouldn’t do so alone. Well, I figured that this was no exception. Continue reading

Making Dummy Rounds

kenBrooksAGI Gunsmithing Instructor and Master Gunsmith
Ken Brooks operates
 PISCO Gunsmithing in Oregon.

Dummy rounds are an essential part of your gun repair toolkit if you are making adjustments or repairs to a firearm with feeding problems. Of course, you should never use live rounds in your shop for such purposes.

In this video Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks demonstrates how you can easily make your own dummy rounds for much less than they cost to purchase. Follow his advice and stay safe in your trade. Continue reading

In Gun News This Week…

Happy Labor Day holiday everyone. I hope you had a great long weekend. Here are a few interesting news stories to entertain, educate, or infuriate you.