Ackley’s Favorite Son

by Fred Zeglin

Practical & Versatile, Factory ammo, longer brass life, and some were better than others.

270 AI vs 280 AI

Like all gunsmiths P.O. Ackley developed strong opinions about what cartridges had value during his fifty plus years building guns. Unlike most gunsmiths, Ackley based his opinions more on experimentation and empirical evidence rather than on feelings or judgments based on unverified information. Few gunsmiths have the broad experience that Ackley brought to the table, he was a barrel maker, reamer maker, cartridge designer, experimenter, tool maker, reloading expert, understood engineering principals, was knowledgeable about metallurgy, and was a gunsmith. Continue reading

Gunsmithing Project–Recoil Pad Installation Part 2

with Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this full-length workshop demonstration, AGI’s Jack Landis goes though the complete process of replacing and shaping a recoil pad. Doing it wrong can ruin the appearance and value of a rifle, so it is important to understand the correct process as shown here. If you missed Part 1 of this lesson, CLICK HERE. Continue reading

FAL Receiver Machining

with John Bush
AGI Instructor

AGI Instructor John Bush is a real “nut” when it comes to military firearms, and probably has forgotten more about  historic military weapons and paraphernalia than most of us ever knew. His interest in this area includes weapons, accessories, ammo. literature — just about it all.

In this video John was through the steps used to machine a 10 pound casting into a finished FAL receiver, the old fashioned way before CNC machines existed. If you are a fan of machining gun parts, or simply interested in how things are made you will not only enjoy this video, you may pick up a few tips for your own machine shop along the way as well. Continue reading

Are You Using the G&G Forums?

forumsThose of you who are GCA Silver members already know and appreciate how great the “Ask The Pros” forum is on the Gun Club of America website. It is the most popular places on the site, and one member recently stated on the GCA Facebook page “Ken and few others have helped me out on the forum more times than I can count. The search feature alone is worth the price of the entire membership cost. Don’t tell Gene, but it’s actually priced cheap for what you get in return.”

Continue reading