New Glock Armorer’s Course For Only $7!

If you’re a Glock pistol owner, or if you work on or tinker with Glocks…

This is your chance to get the newly released Glock Armorer’s Course from AGI for just $7…

You get detailed step-by-step instruction in Design and Function using cutaway demonstration guns, complete disassemble and reassembly of every part, and information on all makes and models of Glock pistols, including the latest Gen 4 and Model 42 and 43 guns…

Now, this AGI video course normally sells for $39.95, plus shipping but to celebrate the new release, and to help get the word out about this extremely detailed course…

You can get immediate online access to this new AGI – Glock Armorer’s Course, shot in HD video, for just $7 – an 83% discount off the normal price!

And because it’s available online, you’re able to watch it on any device: smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. so it’s always available whenever, and wherever you want to watch it.

All the info and details about the course – including how to get your hands on it at this massive 83% discount – are available at this webpage.

Click here to get the Glock Armorer’s Course for just $7

Obviously we can’t keep this massive 83% discount offer going for very long, so be sure to grab this course today, while the offer’s still on.

Talk soon,

Gene Kelly,
American Gunsmithing Institute

Editor’s Note: If you have any questions about this offer, please call AGI at 1-800-797-0867. We are unable to answer them here at Guns and Gunsmiths. Thanks, Gary.

2 Responses to New Glock Armorer’s Course For Only $7!

  1. Any possibility of getting it on DVD @ this price? My internet is about as reliable as the weatherman.