New G&G Header Image For The Week

Guns and Gunsmiths subscriber George W. Schwartz of London OH sent me a few photos of his AK-47 build. One of them is featured this week in the header at the top of the website and shown below.

George describes his firearm as “Milled receiver, Krebs safety w/hold open notch, AK HAMMR’ MAG release, Bonesteel Folding Gilil style butt stock, Hogue Overmold hand guard and pistol grip, TWS rail, SIG Sauer red dot, PWS muzzle brake/flash suppressor, BFG custom Kryptek Typhon Padded VCAS sling with RED QD rear, ULoop Front and sling sleeve.  Tapco 10 round, or 30 round magazine.”

Great looking gun George and thanks for sharing it with us. If you have a good photo of a firearm you built and would like to see it featured here, email it to me at

2 Responses to New G&G Header Image For The Week

  1. Awesome looking gun George! Would love to have one like it!

    Question: Regarding the Bonesteel Folding Gilil style butt stock, does it lock up really tight when it is unfolded or is there slop in it?

    Reason I ask is I remember in an earlier GunTech that Gene Kelly had a Galil style folding stock (trying to recall if it was on an AK) and it slopped around like crazy . It was his gun and he said the slop is a huge issue and needs to be addressed.

    I’ve had two polymer folding stocks and they both have slop. One is an ATI SKS Strikeforce stock that has a folding butt stock and the other a Fab Defense AGM500 for my Moss 500. The ATI stock is by super far the worst sloppy butt stock that is beyond my scope of repair and the Fab folder I am trying to figure out the best fix for it so it locks up tight (it has a negative polymer latch face).

    Anyhow, great looking piece George! Thanks for the cool photo.

  2. George, Wow, what a great job! The detail and color combination really set it off. It shows that you really put some time into thinking the whole build through. You should be proud. Thank you for sharing the photo layout too! Something we should all think about and remember. In our country, the only thing that allowed “We the People” to stand up against tyranny and fight for our freedom was the ability to possess firearms. And… also a few “Gunsmiths” like us to fabricate, repair and maintain them. Nice job!