Are You Using the G&G Forums?

forumsThose of you who are GCA Silver members already know and appreciate how great the “Ask The Pros” forum is on the Gun Club of America website. It is the most popular places on the site, and one member recently stated on the GCA Facebook page “Ken and few others have helped me out on the forum more times than I can count. The search feature alone is worth the price of the entire membership cost. Don’t tell Gene, but it’s actually priced cheap for what you get in return.”

For all of you who are not GCA members, we have a forum page right here on Guns and Gunsmiths. With almost 19,000 subscribers to Guns and Gunsmiths I’m sure that any questions or problems you have with a gunsmithing project, or any other firearms question, will be swiftly answered by your fellow firearms enthusiasts.

You may also be able to help another gun owner solve a problem they are experiencing. That’s positive karma points right there!

So head over to the forums regularly to ask, or answer, gunsmithing and firearm questions. You can find the forums by clicking the “FORUM” tab on the menu bar at the top of this page. If you have any suggestions for other forum sections, please send me an email.

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