NEW COURSE FROM AGI – Be a Certified Law Enforcement AR-15 Armorer!

Watch as Gunsmith and Law Enforcement Armorer Mark Foster takes you completely through the AR-15/M16/M4A1 weapon platform from a law enforcement perspective. This 5½ hour video course includes design, function, maintenance, repair and tactical modifications.

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This course will take you deep into the AR-15 platform, resulting in an expanded understanding of all the considerations that go into assembling, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining this firearm in its many variations and configurations at a Law Enforcement Armorers Level.

Intended to meet or exceed the level of any Factory Law Enforcement Armorers Course for the AR-15 platform, this course is ideal for any Armorer, Gunsmith, or Owner/Operator who wants to truly understand this firearm and be able to successfully work on it.

Further, this course comes with the option for Law Enforcement Armorer Level Testing and Certification. Any individual who can legally possess these firearms is eligible to receive this certification. Being a sworn Law Enforcement officer is NOT a requirement.

Parts and variations are covered in detail, including gas impingement, and gas piston systems.  For your SWAT weapons, short barrels and full-auto components are covered. A broad overview of learned best practices for LE environments along with information and discussion of the pros and cons of adding optional parts or gear to the AR15 is provided. This is the most in depth Armorer Course on the AR-15 ever offered!

CERTIFIED Online Law Enforcement AR15 Armorer’s Course with Online video, testing and certification

Online Only.
Normally $149.95 INTRO PRICE: $97.95! Available Now!


You can always call our office Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm PST, 1-800-797-0867, a customer service professional will be there to help you. 

7 Responses to NEW COURSE FROM AGI – Be a Certified Law Enforcement AR-15 Armorer!

  1. I have started this course. So far I would highly recommend it. Mark is an excellent instructor, and the information is clear and easily grasped. Even if you’re not a gunsmith or an armorer, maybe you’re really serious about your black rifles, or you have to keep your rifles running on your own this course is for you. Check it out!

  2. Does those DVDs have closed caption because I am hearing impaired. Don’t want to purchase so much money without followed caption.

  3. hey you guys ,, i bought this course and did NOT receive anything at all,,
    its in my bank ledger and i called a while ago and no follow up as yet ,, can you help me please

    • You need to call AGI at 1-800-797-0867 and speak to a salesperson. I do not work for AGI nor am I in their office, so cannot help directly.

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