NEW 38th Edition of Blue Book of Gun Values!

by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

If you are a firearms collector, a gun dealer, an appraiser, or simply have a large number of guns that you are curious about, there is only one reliable source you can refer to to evaluate the worth of firearms, whether they are common models, antiques, or rare specimens. The Blue Book of Gun Values is now in its 38th Edition and they have generously extended their special offer to Guns and Gunsmiths readers with a special offer for both the hard copy and online subscription versions!

This new 38th Edition contains 2,512 pages of accurate information and up-to-date values for modern firearms and many major trademark antiques. This latest edition continues to be the “bible” for the firearms industry.

The 38th Edition contains the following:

  • Over 1,700 manufacturers and trademarks are listed with brief histories whenever possible.
  • Almost 23,000 models are individually listed and described.
  • A staggering 500,000+ up-to-date values are provided. No other book is even close!
  • The 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System (PPGS) has been revised, making firearms grading even easier and more accurate.
  • Serialization charts have been expanded, allowing more years of manufacture to be determined on individual makes.models.

As mentioned above the folks at Blue Book of Gun Values are making it more affordable for you to get this information with the following offer. (In case you need to take advantage of this offer later, it is repeated on our Special Deals page.)

G&G readers can get the latest Blue Book of Gun Values edition at 10% off the retail price! You can also get 25% off a 1, 2, or 3 Year Gun Values Subscription, or 40% off a 1, 2, or 3 Year 3-Pack Subscription (Gun Values, Airguns, and Modern Black Powder). These online subscriptions are updated monthly, so you will always have the latest values.

Just go to their website to order and use offer code 2017GG at the checkout to get yours at the best price available anywhere.

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  1. wow, I just received the 37th edition with my appraisal certification with AGI that’s a bummer for sure.

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