Modular AR rifle system from MGI

with Gene Kelly
AGI President

At the SHOT Show, you see a huge number of new and innovative firearms and shooting solutions, all under one roof. It can take days to see all of the booths and spend a little time looking at their products.

In this video, AGI President Gene Kelly looks at one solution from M.G.I.–a modular AR system that allows you to easily switch calibers, all the way from .22LR to .50 Beowulf. And because the lower receiver stays put, you only have one serial number.

3 Responses to Modular AR rifle system from MGI

  1. Nice idea, but for the money, I would rather have multiple guns. Changing uppers has been already been an option with some calibers. Guessing the price quoted was retail? Not sure what dealer pricing would be?

  2. I think the way the mag well works is brilliant. It allows for the appropriate magazines to be used. I think it’s much easier to scrounge up AK mags than to try and scratch up some niche 7.62×39 AR style mag that maybe only one company makes in timbuktu. This almost invariably happens and to add insult to injury something happens to one of their suppliers and magazines magically turn into unobtainium. Meanwhile the zombie horde approaches.

    Or maybe that’s a movie…. I don’t know. In any event I do really think the mag well is brilliant as well as the barrel cam set up.

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