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Turning your passion for guns into a business may be the dream of a lot of firearms owners, but only a few have been able to accomplish it. Some people open a gun shop so they can buy and sell guns and shooting accessories, while others have taken their interest as a gun “tinkerer”, got some training as a gunsmith (many of you through our sponsor, The American Gunsmithing Institute) applied for an FFL, and opened a gunsmithing business. Some of you may have even done both and combined a firearms retail business with gunsmithing services–the best of both worlds.

Gunsmithing may be your full-time business, or a way of making extra income in your retirement or spare time. If you love guns, are mechanically inclined, and have a small amount of space in your workshop (you’d be surprised just how little you need for general gunsmithing) and some tools, what could be better than working on other people’s guns and getting paid for it as well.

For one reason or another, we are buying guns at a faster rate than ever before, and as the old-school gunsmiths retire or go to that big shooting’ range in the sky, it is getting harder to find qualified gunsmiths in most areas than ever before.

If you build it, will they come?

If you ever saw the movie “Field of Dreams”, you may remember the line “If you build it, they will come.” Well, unfortunately for most businesses that isn’t what happens. The simple act of hanging a shingle on your door is not always going to result in people flooding to your workshop carrying armloads of guns for you to fix. You need to advertise and spread the word that theres a new gunsmith in town, and he’s providing the services that are desperately required in your area.

You can put up a flier at the local ranges, stick your business card on the bulletin board at the gun shop, pay a lot of money for a print ad in the newspaper–I can go on. But really–this is 2017 and how do people (especially the younger crowd who need your services the most) find anything these days? On the internet of course!

That’s why I believe EVERY small business needs a web presence. You need to be listed in as many directories as you can, and you also need at the very least a website where you can list your services, your specialties, contact information, have a small gallery of images showing guns you have worked on, etc. You can also include links to local services and clubs that are relevant, articles about guns that may keep your web visitors engaged, your contact information and business hours, and anything else that sets YOUR business apart from your COMPETITORS.

However, many of you may not have a website because you don’t know how to get started, think it is too expensive, don’t have the time or know someone with the expertise to create and maintain one, or still believe that there are more than 6 people out there who still use the Yellow Pages! can help you with a FREE Directory and Web Design Services!

This is where can help you drag your business kickin’ and screamin’ into the current decade and beyond–and with an special offer for Guns and Gunsmiths readers.

With over 30 years of experience in marketing, graphic design and website design and development, can help you market your gunsmithing business with up-to-date materials such as our FREE online directory for gunsmiths, or complete web design and maintenance solutions. We can also provide services such as business card and letterhead design, print ad design for your local media, or any other graphics need.

Here’s how we can get you started with your online marketing:

FREE DIRECTORY LISTING has a FREE listing for gunsmiths, that is divided by state so that anyone looking for a gunsmith can quickly and easily find one. This directory gives you a chance to list all your contact information, business hours, and a brief description of the services you offer. The get your FREE listing, simply CLICK HERE to send an email to Gary Howes and he will take care of the rest.


For only $200 you can have your own complete webpage hosted at This will give you plenty of space to add some photos, give details about your services, show your training and experience credentials, and more. And that low $200 INCLUDES the webpage design and ongoing hosting–no annual fees or recurring costs, and even includes minor updates and changes that may occur later! Your website address would be or if you have your own domain name registered, it can be redirected to the site.

Or, if you want a complete website with your own domain name, can design one for you and manage the upload to your hosting company. We can also assist you with obtaining your own domain name and selecting the company to host your website if you need that service. Our rates are extremely affordable and Guns and Gunsmiths subscribers even get a discount. CLICK HERE to contact us with your questions.

Of course, the websites we design are completely mobile-friendly. More and more people these days are using their smart phones or tablets to search the internet, and an old-fashioned static website just don’t cut it any more. Your website needs to adapt to the user’s needs and the platform they are using. Here is a website we recently designed for one of our satisfied customers that has this feature.

Already have a website?

If you would like an assessment of your existing website, we can take a critical look and let you know how we think it might be changed or improved to make it even more effective in your marketing efforts, including updating your old static website to a more modern mobile-friendly version. All without any obligation or cost. If you then decide to accept our recommendations you can have your own “web guy” implement the changes, or negotiate with us to do it for you.


At we also believe that one of the best marketing tools a small business owner can use is the humble business card. Like little billboards, these can be handed out at the range, put on gun shop notice boards, used as artwork for local newspapers, and more. You might even be able to have your local gun and sporting stores hand them out for you with new firearms purchases if they don’t offer gunsmithing services themselves. Our business card designs are completely unique and are a much better advertisement for your gunsmithing shop that the plain white cheap cards usually found online.

At we strongly believe in helping to promote gunsmithing and gunsmiths. We do it because we are passionate about firearms, marketing the trade, and preserving the freedom to keep and bear arms. Thank you.


2 Responses to Marketing your Gunsmith Business — Websites

  1. Fancy business cards are nice but be sure to leave all of the information in a readable manner. Too many or too much in the picture category and people do not see your information. Tried both, like plain and uncomplicated better.

    • I have seen some bad ones, but the cards offered by GunsmithUSA have all been designed for maximum readability by a graphic artist with over 30 years of experience, and still make a strong impression. An attractive or interesting business card will always be retained longer than a plain boring one and thus have more long-term value. However, if that’s what you like, good for you. To each his own.

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