Let’s Do It Again–Photo Contest

If you take a look at the header image on Guns and Gunsmiths right now, you will see one of the photos submitted by a reader in 2014 that was then chosen to be featured on this website for a week.

It’s time to do it again! If you have a firearm you are particularly proud of, and a great photo to match, send it to us by email and it may be chosen by our esteemed panel of judges to be our featured header photo for a week. That’s braggin’ rights you won’t get anywhere else!

Keep in mind that the image is much longer than it is tall, so adjust your camera angle to suit. And please, not blurry low-resolution snapshots–get in close and tight.

Email you photo along with a brief description and your name and location to me by clicking here.

Good luck and thanks.

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