Korth 9mm Revolver Conversion

with Gene Kelly
AGI/GCA President

Found at the 2016 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Gene Kelly looks at a conversion for S&W revolvers from Korth that makes it possible to shoot 9mm ammo without the need for moon clips. This would make a nice conversion for either you or your customers looking to be able to shoot inexpensive 9mm from your favorite wheelgun.

You can find the product HERE on their website.

5 Responses to Korth 9mm Revolver Conversion

  1. I’m a fan of conversion kits, especially for the reason of being able to shoot cheaper ammo.

    Thanks for the video Gene and Gary.

  2. I much prefer the use of moon clips for revolvers. Quicker and easier reloads. Love the guns from S&W performance center with full moon clip cut cylinders.

    Moon clips make reloads very quick and positive without the worry of magazine feed lips and springs.

  3. The video could have showed us the cylinder face and extractors, since those are kind of the important parts. We know they go boom when he pulls the trigger, but I would like some particulars. Like how it sets the cartridge position without moon clips and how the extractors work on the 9mm cartridge. I can assume how some of this works, but it would be nice to see it explained. I do appreciate being informed it exists.

    • This video was taken at the SHOT Show media day. Yes, it would be nice to have seen more but unfortunately there are hundreds of journalists and companies vying for “trigger time” at that event and allowed time with each firearm is very limited.

      Did you check out the Korth website? They may have more detailed information.

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