In The Classroom: Headspace Part 5

by Bob Dunlap and Ken BrooksDunlapkenBrooks
AGI Instructors and Master Gunsmiths

The final video in this series is here!

In Part 5 of this comprehensive look at headspace, Bob and Ken test the effects of excessive headspace using a higher-pressure cartridge, the 30-06. Will they finally see something blow up?

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  1. Great experiment! I learned a lot. It reminds me of being a kid and one of my brothers making me “assist” in an experiment. Thanks for keeping it FUN and informative.


  2. I just finished rebarreling a French MAS to 308
    Checking with a field gage the bolt closes , but snug. I figured it would be acceptable as being a semi auto and the customer agreed to take the gun as it is. Test firing was out of the picture as the customer had all the parts to finish assembly. Am I correct with my logic?

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