In The Classroom–1911 Magazines

Shueywith Gene Shuey
AGI Instructor and Master Pistolsmith

If you have ever had issues with feeding on your 1911 pistol, there is a good chance the problem is not with the gun, but with the magazine and the type of ammo used.

In this excellent lesson from AGI’s Gene Shuey, you will learn about the different designs and geometry of 1911 magazines. With this knowledge you will be able to fill your range bag with the right type so you can enjoy shooting your .45 without problems. And of course, if you use a 1911 for self-defense, a reliable handgun is critical!

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  1. SUPERB video! A definite must-watch for all 1911 owners, for those considering purchasing one and for those who are going to work on the guns.

    Would be a great idea to have at least one of those superbly designed magazines (that Shuey recommends in the video) to use for trouble shooting 1911 feeding problems. If the “role-model” magazine solves a 1911’s feeding problem then the magazine that came with the “mis-feeding gun” is the culprit. The “role-model” magazine serves as a trustworthy trouble shooting tool.

    Thanks for the video, keep’em coming. Cheers.

  2. Spot on. I learned a good lesson about pistol magazines about two years ago when I entered a 3gun competition and brought my H&K P9S. I only had two magazines for this pistol so I quickly purchased 4 more off of E-Bay. They arrived in the mail the day before the match. I fit them in the magazine well of the pistol to make sure that they were the right ones for my pistol and everything was good – or so I thought. On the day of the match, I loaded the mags and when I started my first course I had a misfeed 5 rounds in. I dumped the magazine and locked and loaded another. Three or four rounds later, I had the same problem. Essentially, all four magazines that I bought were garbage. When I got home I disassembled them and found that the follower (when loaded, thus placing tension on the magazine spring) flexed the follower just enough that it caused it to bind inside the magazine. This was a lesson-learned! Fortunately, this occurred during a match and not in a real world, life or death situation.

  3. I too want to know about this famous gunsmith. My granddad while serving in the Pacific in WWII said they at one point had an issue with their 1911’s. They were finding guys dead with their 1911’s in their hands with a FTF. He and 2 other guys were tasked with figuring it out. They found the particular vendor for the magazines had something out of sorts with the feed lips. I will have to check out those checkmate magazines.

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