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  1. No matter what you say, Liberals are a**holes and they will not give an inch. We should be able to carry a gun in every state in the union. If you are legal to carry a gun in one state you passed a national NICs check. It’s the same as a drivers license. (Edited by G&G staff for clarity)

    • With ya’ 100% Bridgette. In Canada we currently have Liberals in power (no thanks at all to me) and they are sinking the ship as fast as they can. Surprise – our Liberals are anti-gunners! Oh my!

      Responsible gun owners in Canada only comprise 5-10% of our population, which is unfortunate for the outcome of our Federal elections, hence the Liberals currently in power here. They’ve made so many deleterious decisions (besides gun control) that they’ve ticked off a large portion of our population that I do not think they will be re-voted for. I believe the main thing that got them elected in the first place was for their pro-marijuana (legalizing) agenda.

      Anyhow, best wishes for you and the gun biz! Cheers

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