In Gun News This Week

Here are a few more interesting firearms stories found on the web this week, including one from AGI’s own Lenee Landis, editor of Hot Brass magazine.

Babes with Bullets versus the Google Goliath by Lenee Landis

Good Samaritan with a gun saves wounded cop

Local women take protection into their own hands

Campus Carry May Become a Reality in Arkansas

California Republican Wants Warning Labels on Guns

3 Responses to In Gun News This Week

  1. Warning Labels:

    > Baker is the only Republican representing the San Francisco Bay Area, and serves in a highly contested East Bay seat.

    That says it all, doesn’t it? Yet another example of a politician who will do/say anything to stay in power. She would make a perfect Democrat. Oh wait, I’m sorry I’m so harsh. She’s probably just a “neo conservative.”

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