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This week’s first item is a post to the Guns and Gunsmiths website forum that me be an opportunity for someone looking for a gunsmithing job!


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  1. Re: Declining sales of sporting equipment.

    Let’s not point the finger at Trump and just blame him for the declining sales.
    For a long time now manufacturers of most sporting stuff have had the advantage, with customers being willing to pay exorbitant prices for just about any junk they care to throw out in the market.
    The first example of this is with the large amount of recalled firearms as of late with Remington setting the perfect example of this scenario.
    The 1911 market is another example of a rip off with some folks expecting us to pay upwards of $4000 for a pistol. Hey,, Grow up folks!
    Oh and I sure want to go out a plunk down five or ten grand for a Browning Shotgun that says “Made in Japan”on it. Ah,,, not very impressive in my book.
    Another blatant example is the absolutely insulting prices that archery equipment manufacturers are expecting customers to pay for their marginal products. Ever notice how many archery shops have closed their doors as of late? A market full of $2000 bows, $550 sights, and $300 stabilizers that probably cost $25 to make does not promote a lot of return customers.
    And sports clothing,,,,, Been to a big box sports store lately?
    How about $100 hunting shirts? And,,, let’s not forget those $22 fishing lures to go with your $1000 made in China fishing reel.
    And,,, I really need to get a several pair of those Mexican made $450 hunting boots.
    Want to see why the market is declining?
    Look in the mirror!

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