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  1. To Gary Howes: LOVE the headline for the soda can launcher link I sent you. I’m laughing my arse off. I can totally see launching cold beer cans would be a blast, like “hey … I’ll shoot ya over a cold one pal”. Shootin’ cold beer cans out to friends in the lake. 100 yard swimming race to the cold beer floating in the lake … Good times!

    Has any of you readers heard of this or tried one of these “soda can” launchers? I’d love to read about it here in a reply or better yet in an article for Guns and Gunsmiths. I’ll even read it if only soda cans (etc) were used, ha ha.

    I’ve seen an AR15 golf ball launcher attachment a couple years ago or so at and wondered about those too but I think the soda can launcher would be a little more fun.

    Thanks for the word of mention Gary. Cheers.

  2. Having a shooting contest to see who can land cans in a cooler half full of ice …

    … or shooting cans out to friends in the lake with fishing nets trying to catch them

    Not sure of the legislation where these launchers can be shot in Canada since the AR15 is “classified” as restricted here but it sounds to me like they would have to be shot at an approved shooting range.

    I can just imagine. Would be a lot of fun.

    • I sent an email to Wolverine Supplies (the retailer of the X Products Can Cannon soda can launcher) stating “I understand the AR15 is restricted and can only be shot at licensed/approved shooting ranges (in Canada) but am wondering if the typical shooting range in Canada would object to this launcher?”

      I received an email response very quickly stating “Hi Dana,

      Thanks for your email! You got it — because the Can Cannon can only be fired when attached to an AR15 lower, it can only be used where it is legal to use restricted firearms, I.E. registered shooting ranges.

      You’d have to consult the individual ranges you shoot at to see if they’d allow Can Cannons, as individual range rules vary greatly. Firing cans of pop can get very messy, so it’s best to use the Can Cannon on outdoor ranges (although it can also fire tennis balls too for less mess). The Cannon itself generally isn’t the issue, but it’s the mess/litter/sticky puddles that it can leave behind.

      Can Cannons are more than welcome on our range here at Wolverine, so long as the shooter cleans up any fired cans, pop can fragments, tennis balls, or other mess before leaving the range.”.

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