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  1. Lead bullets kill twice?!?!?!?!? Puh-leeze!!!! All I can say is thank God for Ryan Zinke. I had no clue a national ban had been enacted. No one’s jumping up and down to take the lead out of car batteries and we still use lead alloy in most wheel weights. Who’s to say the condors aren’t eating those? I don’t see where the lead is more toxic or biologically dangerous than some of the things the military slings around massive volumes of you know like depleted uranium. Sure it’s depleted but its uranium!

    • Lol Dan, good points well said. Crazy about the “Do lead bullets kill twice?….” article eh?! Crazy people never surprise me with what they “come up with” and then try to enforce.

      Actually a buddy of mine in Canada sent me the link to that article, so I forwarded it to Gary Howes to post for “In Gun News this week”.

  2. pure lead is the only metal used in traditional muzzle loaders
    Those who hunt with a charcoal burner would be severely impacted by such a ban

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