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    • I believe they were talking about the Advertisements that run alongside other websites… Not the actual web site for the gun lock companies.

  1. I as a firearms owner do believe we need to better qualify people who want to buy guns, in particular the semi auto type.that being said I pose a question for those who want to ban guns, if you can show me a gun that can get its ammo from the box,load itself,point and fire itself,without any human help then yep you better ban that sucker its dangerous. then if you take all the guns from criminals then I will hand over mine.People kill people not guns if someone wants to kill you and has no gun the a club,a knife,a broken bottle,any of 1000 weapons can be used for the job.you all have a great and safe day.

  2. Guys I need some help here. I have 2 grand daughters that love to hunt deer, the problem is where we hunt is shotgun slug only and they like to shoot. But 20ga slugs aint cheap. Now someplace in my old brain I remember reading about reloading 58 cal slugs or balls I dont remember in 20ga hulls. I have a ton of both for my civil war rifle. SO if any body has the loading data I would sure be happy for it.
    I think it was in an OLD Lyman book but I dont know
    thanks much

    • Never loaded shotshells,Gene, but I thought 20ga was closer to .62 caliber. I reckon if you measured the bore at the choke end you could use that measurement to work up what wad or shotcup have the best seal then weigh out the balls or slug and use that with 20ga data to determine a powder charge?!?

      Seems sensible to me,but I’ve never loaded shotshells. Hopefully someone better informed than me chimes in.

      • Gene, Try “AmmoGuide”.com for loading specific 20 ga. shells. The standard diameter for 20ga. is 0.615″.

        • Thanks Dave, I went there joined and I have to say it is the WORST LAID OUT SITE, not user friendly, I have ever seen. I cant post a question cant get any information, maybe its me, but it didn’t help at all
          Thanks much for the suggestion any direction is a good place to start, this just wasn’t it.

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