Gunsmithing Tip–Another Use for Inexpensive Drill Bits

Jack Landisby Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

AGI’s Jack Landis demonstrates another use for the inexpensive number drill bits from one of his favorite stores—Harbor Freight.

These bits can quickly and easily be modified to create those hard to find slave pins in just the right size. Look for these when they are on sale and grab a couple of sets. Yes, they can also be used as drills!

5 Responses to Gunsmithing Tip–Another Use for Inexpensive Drill Bits

  1. Beats the hell out of finding a piece of drill rod or spring stock, chucking it in the lathe to get the final diameter and beveling the sides with a file. Sure you weren’t in the Navy Jack? That’s something a squared away squid would have come up with.
    Take care and keep these great tips coming our way. BTW, they just opened up a Harbor Freight about 3 miles from my shop here in Toccoa, GA. Yeah Baby.
    Bill Mercure

  2. As always an excellent tip from Jack. I’d love to just spend a week in his workshop. You’d be able to write a book about it when you’re done.

  3. I use the 1/4″ hex-shanked Super-hard Kryptonite bits all the time around the house with my cordless drill. always keep a spare set or two around.

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