“Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series” reviewed.

by Gary Howes
Guns and Gunsmiths Editor

Fred Zeglin is well known here on Guns and Gunsmiths. He has contributed a number of excellent articles, written books on various subjects related to gunsmithing and reloading, and has also been seen on AGI gunsmithing videos such as Reloading from A to Z and Taming Wildcats. Besides being an excellent gunsmith, reloader, author and instructor, Fred owns and operate 4D Reamer Rentals in Kalispell, MT — the go-to resource for renting chamber reamers and other gunsmithing tools.

Now Fred has started a new series of books specifically aimed at helping to train gunsmithing students in those areas he knows best. The books are collectively call the “Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series” and the first two volumes are available now. Knowing Fred, I’m sure there will be more to follow as he can find time in his very busy schedule to write them.

As you may recall in my review of his recent book “PO Ackley—America’s Gunsmith”, Fred has a huge interest in the cartridge designs of PO Ackley and his first offer in this new handbook series is titled “Chambering For Ackley Cartridges”.

These are short handbooks filled with all the right technical information and knowledge that you need to better understand the subject. The Ackley Cartridges book is only 48 pages long, so you will be able to read it in one sitting if you like, but the material and information inside will last you a lifetime. This is a PRACTICAL handbook filled with instructions, tables, and helpful reloading guidelines for these cartridges that will help you understand the design and how to manufacture your own ammo, written in a precise and clear way that leaves no room for confusion. Any reloader will get so much information out if this handbook they will wish they had it years ago.

The second book in the series is “Understanding Headspace for Firearms.” Articles published here on Guns and Gunsmiths in the past on this topic have been some of the most highly read and commented on, so this book will be a treasure to many of you. Full of detailed drawings, excellent and clear photos, charts and tables, any gunsmith—despite how much experience he has—will gain much more knowledge and expertise from reading this handbook. Techniques for diagnosing headspace issues, accurate measuring techniques, and the methods to correct excessive headspace are all clearly instructed. This is a book you all need to have in your library!

Make sure you visit Fred’s website, 4D Reamer Rentals, where you can see more about these books and purchase them directly. While you are there, make sure to look through the other information Fred has throughout his website, including his extensive tool rentals and online store.

8 Responses to “Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series” reviewed.

  1. Wow, really cool! Great to have people like Fred to do this for people like me. Will keep this in mind for future gunsmithing, as jobs demand. Thanks for the info!

  2. I am talking about the rest of the courses like the one I purchased for Certified Law Enforcement Armorer’s Course. Not everyone wants of can afford the high price of the Professional Gunsmithing Course.

    • Thanks–I understand. Call AGI and talk to them. If enough people make that request they may do something about it. (I am not an AGI employee, so sorry, but not much I can do.)

  3. Gary,
    Does Fred have any idea on a deer load for the .500 Special ( NOT
    Magnum ) with a 325 grin cast lead bullet?
    James Johnson