Gunsmithing Project–Repairing Shotgun Barrel Dents

with Ken Brooks
AGI Instructor and Master Gunsmith

In this video Ken Brooks takes us through the steps to correctly remove small dents from thin-walled shotgun barrels. This can be a simple money-maker for a gunsmith, or a project for you to complete with your own firearms.

When I saw this video the first time, I did question Ken’s use of the word “hydraulic” to describe the tool. Hydraulics usually refers to the use of a fluid to cause movement in a cylinder and of course, this tool is strictly mechanical. However I did see on the Brownell’s website that they also list the tool as “ORIGINAL ENGLISH HYDRAULIC DENT RAISER.” (click here to see it yourself). So am I right or wrong that it is incorrectly named?

9 Responses to Gunsmithing Project–Repairing Shotgun Barrel Dents

  1. Great info on how to do this repair. At a price of nearly $500 for the “hydraulic” tool for each gauge, you would have to repair a lot of barrels to justify the expense! Seems cheaper to buy a new (or used) barrel if the work is for your own shotgun or for a customer.
    Kudos to Ken for sharing this with us!

  2. The one that Bob had in the shop which Ken showed is probably the easiest to make and self explanatory and was probably made by Bob. You can look it up on YouTube for more info or google it.