Gunsmithing Project–Recoil Pad Installation Part 2

with Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Manager

In this full-length workshop demonstration, AGI’s Jack Landis goes though the complete process of replacing and shaping a recoil pad. Doing it wrong can ruin the appearance and value of a rifle, so it is important to understand the correct process as shown here. If you missed Part 1 of this lesson, CLICK HERE.

Replacing a recoil pad can be an easy money-maker for a gunsmithing shop, or can be a satisfying project for the gun owner..

8 Responses to Gunsmithing Project–Recoil Pad Installation Part 2

    • If you are careful you can use a disc sander as long as it has a good table. However, if you listen to Jack at around the 5 minute mark in the Part 2 video, he talk about the difficulties of using a disc sander. Other readers may have a different idea.

  1. Very nice instruction video have install hundreds of pads and have found this type of jig one of the best. I find the easiest way to get a good line to grind to on the pad is to put Masking tape wide enough to cover the base of the recoil pad then screw the pad on the stock. Use a exacto knife to cut through the tape using the stock as a guide then remove the excess tape, Next remove pad will have line even my old eyes can see.

  2. I mount my jig on an 8lb block of lead. This makes the pad much more controllable when grinding. I also clean the pad with Armor All to remove the sanding debris. This also obviates the need for any waxing of the rubber. If I do wax the wood, I use Renaissance, expensive, but right.

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