Gunsmithing Project–Mauser Drop-In Trigger

Jack Landiswith Jack Landis
AGI Technical Services Director

In this video project, AGI’s Jack Landis shows how to add a drop-in trigger to a Mauser rifle. If you are building a sporting rifle out of one of these old war horses, you can modify the existing trigger to improve the way it feels and breaks, or you can install a drop-in replacement.In this video Jack shows you the latter process. Follow his example and you will end up with a much more “user-friendly” rifle to enjoy.

3 Responses to Gunsmithing Project–Mauser Drop-In Trigger

  1. That was the best money I ever spent when I built my wife’s .257 Roberts. It was a 1917 Dangiz Mauser, build with a Herter’s walnut stock. Very good presentation !

  2. Very nice Presentation Last year I did a Timney on Dads old FN commercial Mauser 98 in 30/06 What a beautiful improvement . Dad bought this rifle new in 1952 and I love to shoot it and remember all the good times my brother and I had with our father

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